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15 august wishing viral script download

15 August is widely known per annum on Independence Day. Download Independence Day WhatsApp Wishing Script For Blogger Which is totally free. You can download and use or modify whatever you want to do. You never get any copyright issues. For more details.

Features of Wishing Script:

  1. Responsive Template,
  2. Easy To Use, Easy Editing,
  3. Responsive Template,
  4. WhatsApp Sharing Button,
  5. Easy To Use Ad,
  6. Attractive Images,
  7. No copyright issues.

About Of Independence Day Wishing Script:

Actually, its website is made using HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT, You can earn some money from AdSense Alternatives by creating this website. Also, the run by Blogger. Also, Remember that please don’t use Google Adsense ads on this script because google AdSense doesn’t allow to use of their ads on any script which hasn’t enough content. For more info read Google Adsense policy.

Below is the process of how to make a wishing script and how to host this website on the living internet, so you can make it easier. I hope for the best that you earn so much money from this Independence Day Wishing Script website.

Requirements For This Viral Wishing Script

  1. Blogger Blog spot Dashboard Or if you have your own custom domain and hosting then it will be better.
  2. Create an ads account as an alternative to Google Adsense. Like Propeller Ads, Adsterra But In my personal opinion, I must recommend using Propeller Ads. Because after register you can get verified to show ads on your website.

15 august wishing viral script download:



How to edit this script:

If you have some HTML, and CSS knowledge then it’s enough to edit this script. You just need to do this thing.

  1. Download this script from above the download button after clicking.
  2. Then extract this zip file.
  3. Open it on any code editor or IDE as your wish.
  4. Change the metatag.
  5. If you want to change the inner text then change it as your wish. Else leave it.
  6. Then change the image if you want otherwise you can use this image.

How to ads on this website:

    1. Just copy your ad code from your ads serving website. and past it anywhere between <body></body> tag.
  1. Then Save it and publish on online.

How to host this script on blogger and Cpanel:

 For Blogger:

  1. First, you have to create a blog account. Blog Account You can do this for free on Blogger. And here you need to create a blogger website.
  2.  go to the Blogger theme option.
  3. You can see the mobile setting option inside the theme options, click here and make a desktop site only, then save.
  4. After shaving the desktop site, click on the switch to the first-generation option.
  5. Then switch to the first generation, just click on the option below (change nave bar).
  6. Then you will see only edit HTML options inside those themes. Click on Edit HTML.
  7. Then delete all the HTML coding inside.
  8. Then paste the HTML code which was downloaded from this website and edited. Your website is ready, View the blog.

How to viral 15 august Wishing script:

It’s a very simple process to share this script and get more traffic.

  1. Share via Facebook page & group,
  2. Join the Whatsapp group and share this,
  3. Create Telegram Channel,
  4. Share with Friends, Family,
  5. Share with School, College Friends.

That’s it.

N.B:- Again I request to my visitor please don’t use your Google Adsense account on this script because google Adsense clearly said that you can’t paste their ads on anyone or a two-page script website that is only made using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. Google Adsense policy.

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