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Nowadays maximum digital platform is using QR Code for their services. Because by this QR  Code you can carry huge information easily from one place to another place without any problem, And even it can work while you are offline. If you try to see at your surrounding, then you’ll see so many peoples are using The QR Code services, for example, if you visit any shop then you’ll see shop owner, using QR Code to accept the payment. On another side, if you notice, your PAN card, Passport, and other Govt. Issued ID Card, they printed QR Code on those ID Card. So, if you scan those QR Code you’ll see, it’s showing your personal details. So, here I will tell you that how can you make your own QR Code website? After making this website even you can hide your information, data behind this QR Code.

Download The File

At first, download this (ZIP) file by click this

  Then unzip this file.

Edit the file

  1. Open this folder in your IDE or code editor.
  2. Open the index.html file in IDE or Code editor.
  3. Then Edit the necessary text like Title, Heading, Text, etc.
  4. After completing the 3 number step, don’t forget to save that index.html file.

Bring your site in live

After complete all the above step then you need to upload that file to your hosting like

log in to your Cpanel > File manager > choose that domain folder where you want to upload > Upload that index.html including main.js file.

Hurray! your site is live now 🙂

You can see demo.

N.B – If you phase any problem then you can contact me 🙂



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