Remove WordPress Version Number From Visitor

I believe that removing the WordPress version number from your website’s source code can prevent some common online attacks like DDOS, XSS, SQLI, etc. Because maximum time attacker finds the vulnerability using the version of WordPress.
So, In this article, I’ll show you how to easily hide or remove WordPress version numbers from the source code.

Why do I suggest removing WordPress Version Number?


Remove WordPress Version Number From Visitor

By default, After installing WordPress it creates the version of your website source code. now the problem is supposed SQL Injection is present in this version like (v1.0.0). But WordPress resolved that issue with this new version like (v1.1.0). But you forget to update your website to this latest version which is (v1.1.0). In this case, suppose the attacker runs an online script to scan the website and which WordPress website version is (v1.0.0) he grab those site and doing SQL Injection. In that case, you will get hacked by this attacker. So If I hide or remove the WordPress version from the source code then my website will be safe from this kind of attack.

My Recommendation 

  • Please use the latest version of WordPress on your websites so you don’t have to worry about this.

Remove WordPress Version Number

I recommended it to all users.

  1. Go to the Plugins Section.
  2. Click On Add New.
  3. Search For Remove WordPress Version Number. Remove WordPress Version Number From Visitor
  4. Activate These Plugins.
  5. Go to the Installed Plugins section.
  6. Find These Plugins Remove WordPress Version Number.
  7. Click On Settings.      Remove WordPress Version Number From Visitor
  8. Make sure that you have checked this box-like. And Click on save changes.Remove WordPress Version Number From Visitor
  9. Now you’ll see, your WordPress Version Successfully remove from source code.Remove WordPress Version Number From Visitor


N.B:- It is quite difficult to remove all traces of which WordPress version you are using on your website. A sophisticated attack may still be able to find that information. However, These tutorials show you how to prevent automatic scanners and other less sophisticated attempts from guessing your WordPress version. 


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